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Welcome to the Peachy Pings documentation portal, this short digital manual will give you a full run-down on all our in-house tools and applications as well as full in-depth guidance on finding your bearings inside the Peachy Pings community server.
If you're reading this then you've most likely just joined Peachy Pings, congratulations and welcome! To utilise our services you will need a free Discord account - This account will be used to access our server so be sure to pick a suitable username.
Once done, you can download the Discord application for both Windows and Mac as well as Android and IOS, however you can just access Discord via the web-browser if you prefer (But the applications are much more accessible).
Please note that the account you are logged into when activating your license key will be the one automatically added to the Discord server. Please make sure you are indeed logged into the correct account before you activate your license key.
Once you find yourself in the Peachy Pings server take a moment to read the the rest of the documentation in order to find your feet as the resources we provide can be overwhelming; Put the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy some light reading!
Don't forget to drop us a follow on Twitter and Instagram too.
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